Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Acupressure is an ancient Japanese bodywork system that uses hand, knuckle, palm, elbow, and foot pressure on specific points located along energy pathways called meridians, in order to promote the free flow of ki energy, the circulating life force. Oriental medicine maintains that disease occurs because of stagnation or blockage in the flow of ki energy. Shiatsu uses pressure techniques to affect the interrupted energy flow throughout the meridians and related organs, thus restoring balance to the body. The practitioner’s techniques may include finger pressing, palm pressing, holding, vibration, rubbing, shaking with hand or foot, patting, tapping, kneading, stretching, and joint rotation.

This healing system reduces muscle tension, promotes internal organ function, and prompts intestinal peristaltic contractions. It is deeply relaxing and effective for stress, locomotive, and internal disorders. It is also effective in stimulating blood circulation, and it increases mental as well as physical energy.

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